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Starting out differently

If you’ve been to Leith recently, you’d think it’s the perfect place for an agency. It’s quirky and brimming with artisan flat whites. But Leith wasn’t always the obvious choice. When we opened our doors, it wasn’t another Soho or a Madison Avenue. But it was down-to-earth and real. Just like our ideas and the people who bring them to life.

Meet the Leithers

This section is handy if you’re wanting to put a face to the email. Or if you’re a newbie Leither and you’ve forgotten one of our names.

  • Aimee Wood

    Aimee Wood

    Account Manager

  • Beth Lauder

    Beth Lauder

    Account Executive

  • Bex Hadden

    Bex Hadden

    Account Director

  • Brian Coane

    Brian Coane

    Client Partner - Health

  • Camilla Rossi

    Camilla Rossi

    Group Account Director

  • Christie Warren

    Christie Warren

    Senior Account Manager

  • Cori Schwabe

    Cori Schwabe

    Account Director

  • Dariya Krasnova

    Dariya Krasnova

    Project Manager

  • Ed Brooke

    Ed Brooke

    Executive Partner

  • Erika Sablinskaite

    Erika Sablinskaite

    Account Director

  • Fiona Burton

    Fiona Burton

    Client Partner - Advertising and Design

  • Gemma Moffat

    Gemma Moffat

    Account Director (Internal Comms)

  • Hattie Lloyd

    Hattie Lloyd

    Account Manager

  • Jennie Landels

    Jennie Landels

    Group Account Director

  • Katherine Parkinson

    Katherine Parkinson

    Project Manager

  • Katrina Barry

    Katrina Barry

    Account Manager

  • Leigh Dobson

    Leigh Dobson

    Client Partner - Digital Services

  • Louis Matthewman

    Louis Matthewman

    Account Manager

  • Louise Kendal

    Louise Kendal

    Account Executive

  • Rachel Berry

    Rachel Berry

    Group Account Director

  • Richard Marsham

    Richard Marsham

    Group Managing Partner

  • Richard Thomson

    Richard Thomson

    Group Account Director

  • Ruth Gillies

    Ruth Gillies

    Account Executive

  • Sara Nicol

    Sara Nicol

    Senior Account Manager

  • Sarah Knowles

    Sarah Knowles

    Account Director

  • Simon Burford

    Simon Burford

    Account Director

  • Sophie Ladmore

    Sophie Ladmore

    Senior Account Manager

  • Steve Simpson

    Steve Simpson

    Client Partner - Experiences

  • Stuart O'Malley

    Stuart O'Malley

    Senior Account Manager

  • Terresa Aitken

    Terresa Aitken

    Project Delivery Director

  • Victoria Best

    Victoria Best

    Account Director

What does a bold idea look like?

It could be a new website, an unexpected insight or a quick-witted Instagram campaign. Bold ideas can look like anything. But the best bold ideas look like something you’ve never seen before.

What We Do

A bold bunch

You need the best of a best bunch to get the best ideas (try saying that after a few mimosas). We’ve got the old-school, the new-school and even the skipped school and got a punny crowd. We like techy things, arty things and finding out about things that haven’t even been invented yet. Get a feel for life at Leith in our quarterly magazine.

Read Bold

Making a difference, wherever we are

Us Leithers want to make a difference, and not just in the world of adland. We’re on a mission to make our agency diverse, to promote inclusivity and champion both in the real world. We also look for any excuse to get out and about in our namesake, Leith. So we’ve made a gin with a local distiller, a hot sauce in aid of Fisherman’s Mission and brewed a beer to help the Water of Leith Conservation trust.

Become a Leither

We’ve set up a mentoring scheme with our local high school. We’re opening our doors to Modern Apprentices and the JET Academy.

And we take on interns throughout the year – now we’ve mastered remote working, you can even do it from home. If you want to come in and join us, send us an email, your CV or a bag of M&Ms (that’s how I got the job). We’re always on the lookout for folk who want to make a difference.

Want a Job?