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So you think you might want to work at Leith? Well then we want to hear from you. Whoever you are.

See, Leith isn’t one of those ad agencies where everyone dresses the same, listens to the same music and comes up with the same ideas. That’d be boring. Besides, we’ve got our own lives outside of work.

Leith is an agency that values varied perspectives; it’s not about changing yourself to fit in but about changing it to fit different people. Not only does that make for genuinely sound colleagues and an interesting day-to-day—it’s how we keep creating ace work year after year, and evolving our capabilities as we go.

Current openings

Leith / Edinburgh

Experiential Account Director – Leith Links

This is a rare opportunity to join the Leith Links team who specialise in brand experiences, retail design and execution, product and campaign launches as well as internal communications.

T3 A0838b

Leith / Edinburgh

Junior Traffic Assistant

We're on the lookout for someone with lots of energy to help us schedule the work the creative department does.

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