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Detect Cancer Early

  • The Scottish Government
  • Health

Tackle fear and embarrassment as a barrier to getting screened or checked for cancer – thereby contributing to an increase in the proportion of breast, bowel and lung cancers diagnosed and treated at an early stage in Scotland.

The bold idea

Use traditional Scottish humour to communicate important messages and, in doing so, inspire Scots to get any symptoms checked early.

Our We Are Survivors campaign achieved recall score of 79% - over 1.4m people - in 4 weeks. The engagement rate for YouTube was so high, it delivered almost double the forecast views. The campaign also generated a big increase in strong agreement with our priority attitudes

Our breast cancer campaign led to dramatic behaviour change, with 50% more women seeing their GP with breast cancer symptoms. The campaign generated almost £1million in additional exposure and was talked about around the world.

Our cervical cancer film gained 6 million impressions online (514% above target), 4.5 million organic impressions on Facebook and 17K likes, shares and comments: women were talking about a topic that they’d usually go out of their way to avoid.

“An excellent example of how a campaign with a clear and well-articulated focus can have a significant influence. It combines humour and warmth whilst conveying a sense of urgency regarding the necessity of cervical screening.”

Prof Dinesh Bhugra, CBE

President, BMA

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