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Unleashing Potential

As Edrington’s first global virtual event was taking place our challenge was to inspire their marketers to unlock the very best of their creativity, through a series of pre-recorded films, played out as a live, interactive event over 3 days.

The bold idea

Leveraging from the circularity of the Edrington event logo, we developed a concept based on trajectory and circular motion creating a strong and dynamic language that could flex and adapt to multiple platforms.

The results

Over 350 people in the Edrington marketing community in 8 different countries tuned in to the event, with 95% of attendees engaging for the full event across the 3 days.

Through animated circular motion rings, we were able to unify the uniqueness of the Edrington brands, all coming together to unleash their creative potential.

The main unifying asset throughout the content is the blue tinted backgrounds creating visual coherence through a variety of different brands and content.

The creative was applied across all digital event collateral and film content, from Save the dates, invites and Gifs to film bumpers, teasers, and intro films.

The event featured inspirational speakers from some of the world’s most iconic brands and marketing legends as well as internal employees

Over 2 weeks, we filmed 14 speakers from across the globe, on location in Edinburgh and London, and virtually via platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The footage was brought together seamlessly to deliver six 2-hour long episodes inclusive of introductions and adverts.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Leith and the team have truly felt like an extension of our own. You have kept us on track, not only with schedules and deliverables, but more importantly, keeping our creative integrity intact. And always positive, upbeat and quite simply ‘on it, all the time’. We have had around 350 people globally tuning in to each session, and the feedback to the content, speakers and in particular the production values, has been amazing. The entire programme has been pitch perfect.”

Nicola Thomson

Global Marketing Capability Lead

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