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Six Degrees of Innovation

Innovation is closer than you think.

In our fourth year of working with the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association on their Innovate for Life campaign, the challenge was to show how innovation in biopharmaceuticals is connected to the community in Ireland. Highlighting this at a ground level was what was most important and telling the stories of the people these innovations effect - the scientists, medical professionals and of course the patients.

The bold idea

‘Six Degrees of Innovation’ tells the story that, as Ireland is a relatively small place, you may brush shoulders with someone who played a part in changing your life. Telling this story on a street level showed how everyone benefits from innovative medicines and healthcare.

Through a series of films, partnering with pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, AbbVie, Roche and MSD, IPHA show remarkable stories on how lives have been changed for people with HIV, cancer and the promise of new technology like mRNA vaccines in Ireland.

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