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  • 23 Mar 2022
  • 3 min read
  • by Cori Schwabe

Parent Company Change

Some news about our parent company Lumanity.

Leith Parent Company Change

Last week, our parent company, Cello Health, launched Lumanity. Lumanity is a company dedicated to improving patient health.

Lumanity brings together a unique and diverse collection of deeply experienced industry pioneers, data luminaries, subject matter experts, and proven problem-solvers with advanced clinical, scientific, and functional capabilities. It was formed by merging several exceptional organisations, including: Cello Health, BresMed, Guidemark Health, Cyan Health, and Zipher Medical Affairs.

Part of improving patient health is cutting through the clutter with solution-focused creative based on key strategic insights.

Leith and Lumanity

Leith has been part of Cello Health since 2004. During this time, we have benefited from the strong organisation roots and global reach that Cello Health has offered. As focus on healthcare began to grow, we developed a Leith Health Team in 2019 to help bring creative flair to Cello Health’s extensive knowledge and expertise of healthcare and pharmaceutical communications. As you may have read, this partnership has helped Leith grow even more in the past couple of years.

While the name Cello Health will change to Lumanity, Leith is here to stay, though we’ll be working closer than ever alongside our colleagues from Lumanity. We’re still based in Edinburgh’s old docks with the same challenger ethos we started with in 1984. We still create creative work that punches above its weight, work that we’re immensely proud of. And, we still service clients across a range of industries, from finance to food and drink to health.

If you’d like to know more, please email Brian Coane or Cori Schwabe.

Cori Schwabe

Cori Schwabe

New Business Director (Health)

Cori Schwabe is an Account Director at Leith focusing on healthcare clients. Starting her career in New York City, she passionately helped build a digital presence for brands like L'Oreal, Mustela and Citibank over the past seven years. Wanting a life change, she's left her roots in America to put down new ones in Scotland.