The challenge

Over 500 people in Scotland are waiting for an organ transplant. People think you have to be young and super-fit to be an organ donor. But that’s not true.

The bold idea

Everybody can save a life. Thin ones, not-so-thin ones, wrinkly ones…

The results

We used naked people of all shapes and ages – including real recipients of donated organs - to bust common myths and excuses about who can join the Organ Donation Register and start a movement mobilising ‘everybody’ with positivity, humour, naked bodies, and transplant scars on proud display.

The campaign resulted in 10,000 new names on the Organ Donation Register - a 16.9% increase.

44% of the population are now registered donors - the highest ever. If you’re not one of them, please sign up here.

This influx of new donors led to the highest ever number of deceased donor transplants and the lowest number on the waiting list since records began.

We can do this for you too

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