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Tyl by NatWest - Setting Records

Scaling a business in the payments space is a challenge that needs dedication, honesty and teamwork. With competitors left and right, could Leith help NatWest’s team cut through the noise and show significant growth year on year?

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The Challenge

Part of the NatWest group, Tyl has ambitious goals and navigates complex compliance challenges. In 2023, the website's mission was simple: "Taking us from good, to great."

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The Smart Thinking

Embracing an agile methodology, we adopted monthly sprints to iterate, test, and refine the website and user experiences. Throughout 2023 we launched 14 releases, introduced 18 new features, implemented 12 technical updates and made 132 site improvements, continuously adapting our solutions to align with market demands and user expectations.

The Results

It was a year of unprecedented success, with turnover targets surpassed months ahead of schedule.

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“Since partnering with Leith, we've seen a significant reduction in bounce rate and a vast improvement in site speed. This has helped us reach a wider range of target audiences and achieve our business goals. Notably, their work on our card machine comparison page has led to a reduction 25% in bounce rate (July 2023 vs March 2024).

I highly recommend Leith to anyone looking for a friendly, creative, passionate and knowledgeable partner.”

Michelle Collins, SEO Manager at Tyl
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