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The world's most historic kit

IRN-BRU have been Queen's Park FC's shirt sponsor for the past 24 years and they wanted us to design an away strip that celebrated Queen's Park turning pro for the first time in their long history.

The bold idea

In a global footballing first, we created a shirt that carries every single one of the club’s 4214 Scottish league results as an amateur club.

With a green, orange or red dot for every win, draw or loss, the kit gives a chronological breakdown of all 4214 games. As a result, every player and supporter of Queen’s Park FC carries on their back one of the most significant tales in world football.

The kit launch caused a huge stir on social media, achieving international praise and attention from global sporting platforms. Replica kits sold out within 24 hours and total club sales have increased over 300% (and counting).

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