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The Cabrach

Cabrach is a remote, wild region in northern Scotland. But despite being one of the birthplaces of malt whisky, it had fallen on hard times. The Cabrach Trust is revitalising this precious heritage, bringing whisky making back to a long forgotten place. We were delighted to help.

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The Feering ASSETS
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The Challenge

The Cabrach is a place of Scotch whisky legend; a remote corner of Speyside where the first illicit whisky stills achieved renown. But, over time, the whisky-making died and the rural communities around it dwindled. Now, a century later, regeneration is happening; a new distillery built by The Cabrach Trust. Its first release was a blended malt created to support the area’s revival. We had a fine liquid. But, to help them raise funds - as well as glasses - we needed everything else. 

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The Smart Thinking

The Cabrach’s deep historical connection with the land inspired the solution. As the very first whisky from The Cabrach in over 160 years, we named it ‘The Feering’ – old Scots for the first ‘guide’ furrow in a field. But this is more than just a whisky. It’s an expression of a place and its people. A name from local parlance. The etched barley field created by a local illustrator. The orange twine binding the neck label (a nod to the material used on gates and fences in the area). And the quirk that sees the design sit on the shoulder of the bottle, not the front. It’s rebellious. Just like the spirit of the land it hails from. 

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The Results

The Feering Early Harvest is a limited-edition whisky. Only 3,500 bottles have been released for public sale via selected whisky shops and dedicated whisky websites, with demand already exceeding expectation. And with sales outstripping projections, The Feering is fast becoming as sought-after as the illicit whiskies of The Cabrach’s famous past. 

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Bottles a week sold before PR spend
Of all bottle on public sale sold in one month
Sold out 3 times in a row at key trade partners
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