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Take it from them.

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Evidence showed that 27,656 lives were saved from Scotland’s COVID-19 vaccination programme throughout 2021. And yet, many people aged 18-39 were becoming complacent about getting their Booster and there was still a chunk of people who preferred to ‘wait and see’ when the first and second doses were offered to them.

As the world began to normalise living with COVID-19, it was unexpectedly hit with a more contagious variant, Omicron. All of a sudden, the lockdown discussions were back and the question of cancelling Christmas was raised for the second year in a row.

The urgency to become fully vaccinated and get the newly offered booster vaccine was at all time high.

The bold idea

The original campaign we produced for the Scottish Government used emotion to convey a sense of hope for the future. Over a year into the vaccination programme, it was time to change gears by providing key evidence and supporting people to feel they’ve made the right decision.

Among more hesitant people, we needed to build trust by acknowledging it was understandable to have questions and to want evidence and avoid suggesting they were being unreasonable by not getting the vaccine.

Our new campaign features real people sharing their real experience of getting COVID-19 while unvaccinated. And how that experience changed their mind towards getting the vaccine.

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