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Scottish Government - Early Birds

These days, we all live longer lives. Sadly though, disease and illness still affect us. But in most cases, the sooner you get treatment, the better chance you have of beating it. A message worth sharing.

The Challenge

In Scotland, even though we’re living longer lives, cancer continues to take too many of us, too soon. Yet studies show early detection can improve outcomes or even help you beat the Big C. Easier said than done though. People have deep-rooted fears about cancer... and often don’t act until it’s too late.

Taking inspiration from the age-old adage about the benefits of being an ‘early bird’ we created a campaign featuring a series of animated feathered friends – all showing common symptoms likely to need checking.

They didn’t get into a flap about it. They chose to be ‘an early bird and live again’.

Scotgovt earlybirds 64 1
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of 40+ C2DEs recalled the campaign, when prompted
of the same audience took action
above-target response rate

The Smart Thinking

The campaign’s charm, personality and humour turned what could be a frightening topic into an relatable one. And it wasn’t long before our ‘Early Bird’ campaign really took off (aptly enough!).

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