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The well-deserved Grouse

Bring to life the brand message of ‘reward everyday deserved moments’ with something a wee bit special and a big bit Famous.

The bold idea

Roll a barrel to the peak of Choinneachain Hill and reward thirsty hikers with a glass of The Famous Grouse. And make sure you turn on the cameras.

The results

Our 2-minute film had 214,647 online views and a total post reach of 516,466 people around the world.

The well deserved grouse

When we launched the video, we created 8 Facebook ad sets. This allowed us to test which copy, CTA or targeting would land best with the audience and make the best strategic use of our budget.

The finished film is a high-quality piece that was really well received throughout the business and by our international market teams. Not only this, we were really pleased to see the results and level of engagement that the film delivered and the wonderful consumer interactions and comments it prompted. - Ross Herdman, Global Brand Manager, The Famous Grouse
214,647 video views
The well deserved grouse

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