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Results of Medical Innovation in Black and White

In the latest instalment in the long running #WeWontRest campaign, we needed to highlight the importance of medical innovation by showing the positive impact and benefits new medicines bring to the lives of people living in Europe.

So, we focused on innovation that's making a difference right now - like the HPV vaccine that reduces the risk of cervical cancer by 90%, or an innovative course of medicine that is replacing a lifetime of treatment, hospitalisations and eventually a transplant for 95% of patients with Hepatitis C.

The bold idea

Rather than showing the results of medical innovation in clinical terms - as charts, numbers or statistics - we showed the results as human outcomes.

Using medical-grade x-ray film, we captured images of people doing things they once never thought possible - living longer, better, fuller lives. These images were brought together in a stop-frame video to highlight the power and results of medical innovation in black and white.

It shows how lives are transformed by innovative medicines creating moments shared and memories made.

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