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National Trust for Scotland - Share It All

The National Trust for Scotland looks after the nation’s most loved places, now and for generations to come. But they rely on public support to do so. How could we inspire more folks to support them, from becoming a member to buying a scone at one of their wonderful properties?

The Challenge

This was as much an emotional task as a practical one. To become a member, make a donation or pay them a visit, we needed people across Scotland to feel an emotional connection with their nation’s history and heritage.

The Smart Thinking

From natural landscapes that stir the soul, to family days out that create precious memories, National Trust for Scotland places have a unique power to boost our wellbeing and deepen our connection to the people we share them with.

Our campaign captures tender, authentic moments of loved ones enjoying these places. And telling us why they’ve chosen to support them. The three films were produced by Leith Studios, our in-house production arm. 

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The Results

From day one, the campaign cut through like never before. While previous ads had showcased different aspects of the Trust’s offering and mission, this campaign added a deep emotional resonance. It really struck a chord, driving online views, winning hearts and attracting a surge of new members. 

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Spontaneous brand awareness vs. closest competitors
Of campaign recognisers took action after seeing the campaign
Of campaign recognisers claim to have joined as a members
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