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IRN BRU - Xtra Limited Edition Flavours

IRN-BRU is as Scottish as... IRN-BRU! But while the original variety will always be a fave, it’s not the onlyBRU in the chiller cabinet. Cue, new summer flavours for IRN-BRU Xtra. And some Leith fizz...

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The Challenge 

To keep parched punters’ palates satisfied during summer, the boffins at IRN-BRU HQ came up with two new limited-edition Xtra flavours– Tropical and Ice-Cream. But our young audience pretty much live on Tik-Tok – and aren’t that easy to impress. Make it funny, memorable and engaging. Or else...

The Smart Thinking

Hmm, wonder what would happen if IRN-BRU ‘got it on’ with other flavours to create those tasty new summer combos? Tell you what, let’s not just wonder... let’s script and film it. And soon enough, those bouncing fizzy babies were born: two little films (one for each flavour) to make any agency proud.

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The Results

Our films were a hit with the tough-to-impress Tik-Tokkers– creating massive engagement, loads of shares, and a feelgood vibe. They saw summer sales soar. And they even made the local headlines.

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Total engagements with overwhelmingly positive sentiments
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IRN BRU - Euros 2024

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