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IRN BRU - Euros 2024

When it comes to football tournaments, IRN-BRU have got form. BRU-ZIL: encouraging Scots to procreate with Brazilans for guaranteed World Cup success. Tournament Virgins: helping first time tournament fans overcome their nerves at Euro 2020. What could we serve up for the Euros in 2024?

The Challenge

Though many previous tournaments have remained tantalisingly out of reach - or ended too early - the feeling around the Scotland team based on their brilliant qualification performances in 2023/24 was ‘maybe… just maybe’. How could we capture this newfound spirit of promise in a way only IRN-BRU can? And become the best loved and most noticed “unofficial sponsor” of Euro 2024?

The Smart Thinking

By tapping into this new (and frankly unfamiliar) feeling, we created a campaign around a strange new phenomenon. Optimism. Three classic IRN-BRU spots helped build the sense of hope. It started with the first diagnosis at the Doctor’s, was followed by a good old gossip about new ‘cases’ spreading, and finished with a full blown Mannschaft (German for Football Team) ready to take on anything. All supported by some typically shy and understated outdoor and social.

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The Results

“Have IRN-BRU won the Euro’s before a ball has been kicked?” So said the much respected Andrew Tindall at System 1 as they gave ‘Doctor’s’ Ad of the Week. And from there it went stratospheric. Combined, the campaign reached over 21.84m people, with unprecedented levels of engagements. Over 100,000 people shared the campaign, including high profile Scottish influencers and celebrities. 

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"Over the years, we've learned how to be a bit uncomfortable and more than a little bit brave. It's something you've got to do, if you want to make standout work. Take risks. Be a bit cheeky. That’s part of the magic of IRN-BRU. Our willingness to push boundaries where others might not."

Kenny Nicholson, Head of Brand - IRN-BRU
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