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IPHA - Innovate for Life

Ireland plays host to companies developing some of the most ground-breaking health innovations in modern medicine. But a lot of people in Ireland, including policymakers, don’t know about the innovation happening at their doorstep. Our job was to tell that story.

The Challenge

For five years, we’ve been helping IPHA bring to life their ‘Innovate for Life’ campaign. In year five we were tasked with exploring what’s next - for science and for patients. We needed to show policy makers the importance of investing in what’s happening now, to save lives in the future. The tricky part? By the time these medicines are delivered most policy makers won’t be in their current positions, so it’s much easier for them to focus on the here and now. We needed to change their mindset.

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The Smart Thinking

To show policy makers that the decisions they make today affect the patients of tomorrow, we created a patient of the future - someone who has enjoyed many healthy years because of innovation happening today. Working with Irish illustrator Dermot Flynn, we told the story of a grandfather looking back at his favourite memories, showing how the advancement of medicine has improved his life. 

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The Results

The campaign achieved more video completions (124k) and a higher view rate than IPHA had ever achieved before, with richer video views on YouTube.

Over 88% of views were on the big screen (314k TV views), with TV having more completions than any other channel (66k).

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Video views across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
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