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HANX - Let’s Open Up

The V-Word. Something of a taboo. V for Vaginismus that is. Hard enough to say, let alone live with; this painful and embarrassing condition affects women worldwide. 

Could Leith open things up?

The Challenge

Vaginismus is a common health condition amongst women worldwide – estimated to affect 1 in 2 people during their lifetime – impacting significantly on their mental and physical wellbeing. But talking about the muscles in your vagina involuntarily tensing up upon insertion doesn’t come easy.

The Smart Thinking

Working with HANX – a UK-based sexual health product provider and advocate – we set about opening up something vital: a conversation. Our campaign, driven by OOH, social and web, used a big bold look and feel and unapologetic language to not just challenge the taboo... but smash it.

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The Results

To say our efforts hit the spot is an understatement. Given the opportunity to discuss Vaginismus openly, folks responded in their droves. And the conversations flowed freely, both online and offline.

We didn’t just break the taboo; we smashed it.

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