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Glen's Vodka - The Everyman Vodka

Scotland, known for its beautiful Glen’s and it’s… vodka? Those who seek out Glen’s Vodka buy it for the price. 

In recent years it’s been stamped with negativity, with not many people shouting from the rooftops that they are a proud Glen’s drinker. This is how we changed that.

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The Challenge

It’s time to show the UK that Glen’s Vodka isn’t like other vodka, it doesn’t want to be put into a category. It’s doesn’t need to do anything fancy to show that it’s quality - in personality and in product. Our aim was to utilise Glen’s Vodka’s social media platforms to challenge the negative perceptions and build positive awareness of Glen’s Vodka.

The Smart Thinking

Working with the advantage that Glen’s isn’t like other vodka, it’s more casual, fun with a low price point our strategy hinged on distancing Glen’s from other brands by leaning into that fun relatable persona and giving our audience exactly what they want, a quality accessible product that has the same values as them. 

We did this through a content strategy of 3 pillars:

  • Disarm the naysayers with humour
  • Surprise our audience with quality serves that rivalled competitors 
  • Entertain our audience with relatable content that speaks to them
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The Result

And our social strategy really showed the UK that Glen’s Vodka isn’t like other vodka. Our cheeky content gained Glen’s an audience of fans that didn’t just drink Glen’s but proudly proclaimed their love for it! 

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Impressions, 2.5 million up from last year
Engagements, 200k up from last year

"Leith Agency seeks out and supports influencer partnerships with Glen's Vodka, which increases product awareness and quality perceptions, supports our sponsorships, serves content, and creates exciting collaborations. We are very excited for the future activities and to continue working with Leith."

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