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Glen's - Bring the Flavour

Glen’s Vodka, the original unpretentious, fun-filled party-starter, was launching a series of colourful ‘Flavours’ variants. What could we do to set tongues wagging and tastebuds tingling?  

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The Challenge

Glen’s Flavours are the characterful cousins to Glen’s Vodka. Fun, flavourful and distinctively Glen’s, we were challenged with proving that no party has the right to call itself such without Glen’s Flavours on the menu.

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The Smart Thinking

What makes Glen’s stand out from its pretentious competitors? Its down-to-earth, self-effacing and fun personality. We delved deep into this attitude to show that when you bring Glen’s Flavours to the party you bring that little bit extra. You #BringTheFlavour.

The Result

The campaign was seen 2.9 million times by our audience. It gained 22.5k engagements with an overwhelmingly positive sentiment. And it achieved 45% more views than predicted. Ultimately, it was our best performing Glen’s campaign ever.

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Times the campaign has been seen by our audience
More views than anticipated
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