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Charge Ahead

To create a digital brand that stands out from the current weary geometric trends.

The bold idea

An abstract take on growth, customer retention and relationships, brought to life with an overtly surreal influx of customers.

A solid-sounding name charged with energy, focusing on the benefits of driving customer growth.

A dog on skis firing laserbeams from its eyes
A standing tiger roaring into a microphone
A squirrel holding a magnifying glass
A astronaut polar bear holding its helmet
List of different character creations
A chicken in a dodgem car
2 people riding a woolly mammoth
Boy riding a bike on the moon

A set of anthropomorphic characters were created, with distinct personalities. The unique stories within each illustration make them flexible brand assets.

Poster 1 design
Poster 2 design
Poster 3 design
Exhibition stand
Mobile image gallery

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