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Cancer cures can start anywhere.

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World Cancer Day. A day focused on raising awareness about cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. It’s a day that fills social media feeds, showcasing colored ribbons and stories of hope and loss.

Cancer is soon to directly affect one in two people, but most people already have a cancer story that’s hit too close to home. In fact, it’s set to be the #1 killer by 2030. To stop this statistic from becoming a reality, developing innovative treatments for cancer takes everyone. It takes the researchers to find the solutions, the industry to develop the solutions, the medics to bring those solutions to patients, and the supporters to help fund it.

This is exactly the reason our client, Worldwide Cancer Research, gets up in the morning. To end cancer by starting cancer cures. And, they can’t do this without their supporters, aptly named, Curestarters.

The bold idea

We needed to show that starting cancer cures starts with everyone, even you. Yes, you, a human reading this case study filled with all your own personal quirks, can help find cancer cures and treatments by becoming a Curestarter with Worldwide Cancer Research. Curestarters help fund ground-breaking research that leads to new cancer cures and treatments.

But, we also needed to show how easy and accessible it is to become a Curestarter. Worldwide Cancer Research is not looking for a party of celebrities or mega wealthy individuals to help solely fund their mission. They’re creating a community of people who are willing to give £10 or £20, and become a Curestarter anywhere: in a queue, on the bus, or waiting for the kettle to boil.

We took simple stock footage and paired them with a strong voice over to highlight how easy and important it is to become a Curestarter. We also created an Instagram filter for Curestarters to share where they helped start new cancer cures.

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