Leith Health

We aren’t just another healthcare agency. We are human problem solvers. We get to the heart of the issues that affect people’s health. 

We listen to patients, healthcare professionals, stakeholders and staff to ensure there is human insight at the heart of all our comms. Then we use that insight to create marketing strategies, creative campaigns and health comms that bring about positive change.

  • Creative Flair  

    We have an award winning strategic and creative team to support you in making a step change in engaging your health and wellbeing audiences.  

  • Scientific Expertise  

    Extensive knowledge of healthcare and pharmaceutical communications in multiple therapy areas to help you fulfil your commercial objectives

  • Global and Local

    We’re proud to say that our work has been seen across the world by hundreds of millions of people. We do this by working closely with both global and local teams during development to develop work with a universal human truth at its core. Whether your campaign needs to launch across the world or in a small town north of the Forth Bridge we’d love to work with you.

  • Proven Effectiveness

    Our campaigns are genuinely improving health outcomes for patients across the world. From starting conversations about women’s health, to pioneering global symbols of hope for cureable diseases, our communications are designed to create true impact.

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We always start with a strong foundation

We are proud to be part of Lumanity, a global strategic services partner built to effectively blend deep scientific, clinical, medical, regulatory and commercial expertise to support complex client decision-making and execution.

Scientists, communicators, researchers, strategists, storytellers, and problem-solvers
Countries where work is conducted
Of the top 25 global pharma companies are partnered with our global network
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Health / Campaign / Film

IPHA - Innovate For Life

Ireland plays host to companies developing some of the most ground-breaking health innovations in modern medicine. But a lot of people in Ireland, including policymakers, don’t know about the innovation happening at their doorstep. Our job was to tell that story.

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Health / Campaign

Sanofi - The Meningitus Flag

Meningitis is a terrible disease. But there are people out there whose experience of the illness tells a different story. One of resilience, determination, and hope. Leith helped Sanofi bring that story to life.

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Health / Campaign

Scottish Government - Early Birds

These days, we all live longer lives. Sadly though, disease and illness still affect us. But in most cases, the sooner you get treatment, the better chance you have of beating it. A message worth sharing.

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  • Disease awareness 

    For the pharmaceuticals sector we support our clients in the development of disease awareness campaigns across traditional and digital media.

  • Reputation

    Through creative and messaging for policy, reputation and internal communications, we help construct positive reputations for our healthcare brands and organisation clients.

  • Direct to consumer

    We develop effective direct-to-consumer health and wellness campaigns that are backed with strong scientific grounding and rigour.

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