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  • 21 Jan 2022
  • 2 min read
  • by Talor Gilchrist

Instagram listens to the people... sort of - It's the January Social Update

From TikTok to Instagram, Talor and Elena from our Social Team explore the trends on social media in January.

What’s happening in the social media world today?

A term that makes all social media managers shiver in their boots, that an influencer probably encouraged them to buy.

The People Have Been Listened To

Instagram has decided to reintroduce its chronologically ordered feed.

The app is going to include two different options. ‘Favourites’, which will be a selection of accounts of your choosing and ‘Following’ which will display those you follow.

However, our ‘Following’ feed will also include recommendations from Instagram, an algorithm based addition to encourage us to spend more time (and money) endlessly scrolling.

The catch? You’ll have to switch to your ‘Favourites’ feed every time you open the app.

To Win on TikTok, Create for TikTok

A recent study has found that there is higher ad recall for TikTok specific content with or without collaborating with TikTok creators in comparison to content repurposed for TikTok.

What is TikTok specific? Using the app's sounds, trends, creators and themes to integrate your product into the world's fastest growing social media app.

Essentially, what TikTok is trying to say is that their audience do not like being sold to. They want content that feels (being the operative word) as natural and realistic as possible.

If only that was the truth…

Overtaking Giants

In 2021 (and particularly since August), TikTok consistently ranked as the #1 most visited website in the world with its monthly 1 billion users, according to Cloudflare.

This triumph is even more impressive when considering TikTok only ranked #7 globally last year, while this year it took over Google as #1 most visited site and dethroned Facebook as the most visited social network.

This suggests that brands should now more than ever understand how TikTok fits within their customers journey and learn how to communicate with their audience using this platform.

Anyway, we’ll see you back here next month where we will probably be writing this from the Metaverse.

Talor Gilchrist

Talor Gilchrist

Content Strategist