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  • 07 Apr 2020

Beyond Zoom Backgrounds: Virtual Face Masks

Leith's Head of Media Technology, Andrew Girdwood, on very important Internet news.

Zoom's rise during the COVID-19 crisis is well documented, and it barely took days for the video call conferencing technology's virtual backgrounds to be discovered.

Now brands like DC are offering virtual backgrounds and sites like Zoom Backgrounds have sprung up.

I admit, a different background a day helps inject some surprises for your colleagues as you attempt to work, from home, during a global crisis.

You can do better, though. You can have virtual masks and transform into a tiger during your next video call, or have your eyes pop out or sparkle like an esoteric mystery.

Here's how:

  1. Download Snap Camera. Yep! Snapchat has a desktop version.
  2. Browse through the face filters provided by Snap, or even dabble with the community created ones, and select some favourites.

3. When you next turn on your web camera for Zoom click the little up arrow next to the video icon and select "Snap Camera" as your source.

4. Amuse your colleagues. Hopefully.