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  • 29 Apr 2020
  • by Mairi Wilson

4 'OOO' replies for when you can't physically leave your office

Leith copywriter, Mairi Wilson offers four creative solutions to one of the weirder lockdown problems: what do you put as your ‘out of office’ reply when your ‘office’ is the home you need to stay inside?

Remember holidays? Historically, they meant a week away from the office, over-packing your backpack to avoid plumping 30 quid for hold luggage, and telling your pals you could speak the language before hitting up the locals with Standard Grade’s finest: Wo ist die Bibliotheque?

These days, holidays are a lot closer to home. As in, at home; as in, your new office. But with more companies having to ask employees to take annual leave now, even when ‘leaving’ isn’t really an option, you’ll still need an out of office reply. So here are a few suggestions to spice up yours.

The Joker

If your OOO game looks suspiciously like your WFH set-up, embrace it with a game of ‘spot the difference’.

The Nostalgic

Just because you can’t go away this year, doesn’t mean you can’t brag about last year.

The Player

You may not be travelling much further than to the kitchen and back again, but that shouldn’t stop the fun.

The Resourceful

If you’ve completed Netflix and are fresh out of ideas, let your colleagues do the work for you. Remember the Golden Rule: if it works on Instagram, it’ll work in real life.

Happy holidaying from home!

Mairi Wilson

Mairi Wilson


Mairi is the copywriter half of one of our Creative teams here at Leith. She helps turn a brand’s message into a conversation.