Want to see our latest bowel movement?

We don’t mean literally. That would be wrong. Besides, there are sites for that kind of thing elsewhere. No, this movement is our new campaign for Bowel Cancer Awareness, as part of The Scottish Government’s ‘Early Cancer Detection’ drive.

The idea celebrates the potential life-saving power of simply doing your bowel cancer screening test with the help of our everyday heroine, Mrs Hutchison. As she goes from getting off the bus to getting on the pan, loads of Scots from all walks of life come out to cheer her on – including a couple of famous faces too (check out the ad and see if you can spot them).

Like Mrs H, 500,000 Scots did their test last year, overcoming their squeamishness to sit and get on with it. Sure, we all know it’s a bit boggin’ but when you realise 9 out 10 people survive bowel cancer when it’s found and treated early…well, doing your home test (it’s sent out to you if you’re between 50 and 74), becomes a bit of a no-brainer to be honest.

With some quirky print ads that also ‘frame’ the issue with a cheeky Scottish smile and some stirring radio ads celebrating the ordinary folks who’ve done the test, the campaign is already making the headlines in the national press.

Bowel Cancer movement

Incidentally, you may be wondering what that marvellous background track is. Well, it’s a classic by Stax Records legend, Eddie Floyd, called, aptly enough, ‘People, Get It Together’. Sound advice Eddie. So come on people, let’s all get it together and let’s make sure everyone over 50 in Scotland joins the bowel movement.

PS. If you want more reasons why testing your poo is the thing to do, check out this Leith classic from a few years back.

Bowel Cancer The Leith Agency

Bowel Cancer The Leith Agency

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