Tips On Tipple

Parents are used to cringing their way through those infamous little chats with their kids. Whether it’s the birds and the bees or explaining where the pet hamster went after it died. And chatting about alcohol can be just as tricky. But get it right, and chances are, your child will develop a sensible relationship with booze in the future.

With this in mind, we helped Drinkaware to make a film about a typical mother and daughter conversation on the subject. So we recorded a mother and daughter doing just that. We then brought it to life using animation and the talents of Will Anderson of Aardman Animation.

To drive traffic to we prepared social posts and display ads with typical questions, facts and stats about underage drinking. It’s a subject with lots of opinions, judging by the comments racking up on Facebook.

27936_Parents_Mum_Taste_Wine_FB_1200x628Drinkaware The Leith Agency

Drinkaware The Leith AgencyDrinkaware The Leith Agency

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