The Weeping Seaman – A hot sauce to really judder your rudder

Ahoy there matey!

This year marks Leith’s 30th birthday, and to celebrate we have created a hot sauce made with one of the hottest chillies in the world.

The Weeping Seaman is a small batch hot sauce made using the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli, and is hot enough to make even the hardiest of sea dogs howl like a puppy. Created alongside Spice of Fife, one of the leading chilli product manufacturers in Scotland, The Weeping Seaman’s nautical name and branding has been inspired by the docks of Edinburgh, where Leith was born and raised.

But it’s not all tears, because all profits will be donated to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Have you got the buoys for it?

The Weeping Seaman film was directed by Stuart Elliott and produced by MTP.

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