Best Prize On The Planet

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IRN-BRU drinkers are a lucky bunch. In the last few years, BRU competition winners have sunned themself in paradise with BRU-ISLAND and jetted off to far-flung lands with BRU-JET. So, to top all that this year was always going to be tough – which is why we went big. As big as the big blue ball we live on.

BRU-PLANET lets winners go anywhere in the world. You can visit The Pyramids of Giza, Copacabana beach or enjoy the delights of Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre. As long as it’s not the Moon, or the bottom of the ocean, IRN-BRU will take you there.

But what about those who don’t win the big prize? Well, they can still win one of 16,000 selfie sticks – as modelled by our dashing Leith staff below.

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