Rape. We Can Stop It

It is a sad reality that rape is still a problem in our society. Police Scotland asked us to help them with a campaign to educate young men on the meaning of consent and make it clear that there are severe consequences when consent is ignored.

The stark fact is: sex without consent is rape.

There aren’t men who go out to commit sexual offences, they are people who might get carried away after too may drinks and misread the situation they find themselves in.

We took a simple approach – no ifs, no buts, if a woman doesn’t say yes every step of the way, it is rape.

We created a hard-hitting film for cinema, TV and online directed by BAFTA-winning director, Zam Salim, through MTP,  banner ads and toilet vinyls for pubs and clubs that hammered home this simple message.

Within a day of launch our campaign has already been picked up by the BBC, The Guardian, Reddit and The Scotsman.

wecanstopit.co.uk      #WeCanStopIt

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