Matteo Gets His Reward

If you’ve ever owned an eighties compilation album (who hasn’t eh?) you’ll be familiar with the track Reward by The Teardrop Explodes. You might be less familiar, however, with the Reward current account from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

With our new work, that’s about to change. The campaign stars a boy called Matthew, or Matteo as he likes to be called on set (he’s obviously embracing the eighties vibe). And a superhero called Bluehawk.

It tells the story of Matthew’s bourgeoning relationship with the character and his growing collection of Bluehawk paraphernalia – all paid for thanks to mum’s Reward current account, which pays you 3% back on your household bills every month.

Like all the best superhero tales, this one’s been a real adventure. We worked with some seriously talented folk. And if you’ve got little ones yourself, you’ll no doubt recognise the twist at the end of the TV ad.

Now, where did I put that eighties album?

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