Live Fast Die Old

Badger loves the Underground. Turbo lives life so fast his shadow can’t keep up. And Z-Boy’s recall of cool facts is faster than the revs on his R1200.

Our new campaign on Motorbike Safety follows the adventures of three fictional older bikers, as they continue living life to the fullest despite being old enough to have free bus passes. Getting tattoos, streaking and attending wild parties – all with their companion Daisy the alpaca – is how these guys roll, but the one place they take it easy is on those dangerous left hand bends.

Aimed at male bikers aged between 40 and 49 years old the film is a key aspect of a social marketing campaign with the Scottish Government, Road Safety Scotland and Police Scotland. Speaking to grizzled bikers is a hard task. But our approach resonated with bikers in the target age group who could relate to the rebellious nature of our characters and felt it was an engaging way to get a serious message across. The wider campaign launched last week ahead of Easter, the traditional start of the touring season in Scotland.

The 40-49-year-old age group makes up 20 per cent of all bikers in Scotland, but accounts for 30 percent of bikers who are killed or seriously injured. Live Fast Die Old focuses on the need to take it easy on left-hand bends, as they are the site of one in three of motorbike fatalities in Scotland.

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