Leith Needs A Designer


Our design team is on the hunt for someone new. A designer that can develop creative and effective thought-led design solutions for our clients. A designer that knows a good design strategy when they see one. A designer that cares passionately about design – no matter what form it takes or what format it appears in. If that’s you, get in touch with Mel.

Designer at Leith – the role

Leith wants to grow its reputation for strategic design. We need someone from a strong design background who can:

– Be an originator, developing bold ideas and concepts.

– Visualise ideas to a high standard.

– Take another’s idea and run with it, bringing it to life.

– Bring brand strategies to life in an original way.

– Present visually and verbally, like you were born to do it.

– Develop and craft brand identities, guidelines and toolkits.

– Understand how to make design ideas work in the digital world (digital savvy, not digital specialism).

– Work with people from all disciplines and clients of all types.

Designer at Leith – the requirements

We need someone who has:

– 3 years (or more) agency experience with a strong portfolio of bold, effective work.

– A thorough knowledge of design, especially in marketing communications.

– Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.

– An ability to work on multiple projects and manage a busy workload.

NB: We do not want packaging-led graphic designers.