The Hotdesk Is Back. Woo-Hoo.

Yes, The Hotdesk has been rekindled for 2014. And, this year, it’s going to be hotter than ever.

The Hotdesk started up a few years back as a way to give new creative blood a potential start in the industry. You might remember it. If not, you won’t have a clue what we’re on about. So here’s the low-down. 

What is the Hotdesk?

It’s a desk, but more importantly, a foot in the door. You see The Hotdesk gives anyone the chance to work bang slap in the heart (and heat) of the creative department – on some of the best briefs in the country.

Eh, really?

Yup, if you’ve ever seen a TV ad, a billboard, a bit of packaging or even a t-shirt and thought, ‘that’s a right load of shit, I could do better than that’ well now’s your chance.

The Hotdesk is open to everyone, not just people from art colleges or advertising courses. So all wanna-be creatives out there are welcome to apply – that’s budding copywriters, art directors and designers.

So, how does it work?

You can apply as a team or as an individual. The first thing you have to do is tackle the Hotdesk copy test (which you can download below). There are no right or wrong answers to this. And, don’t think of it as a test – it’s really just an opportunity to use your imagination and show off your creativity.

From these tests we’ll shortlist a handful of hopefuls. The chosen few will then be invited to a workshop, where we’ll put you through your creative paces. From here, we’ll choose two people to take their seat in The Hotdesk, for at least a month.

Will I get paid?

Oh yes. We have to pay you as it happens, so we will. And so should any agency that gives you a placement.

Is there a job at the end of this?

There might be. If you’re banging out cracking ideas, you’ll be asked to come back. And, if this carries on, you might well be offered a job.

What now?

Just complete the form (adding in anything else you think is relevant) and return it to by 9am on Monday the 21st July. Or, if you’d prefer to go more old-school, you can send it to Hotdesk Application, The Leith Agency, 37 The Shore, EH6 6QU. Please just make sure it arrives before 21st July.


The workshop will be on Friday 1st August, but to give you a bit of warning, we’ll let you know a week before this date. You’ll also need to be available for four weeks from Monday 11th August (so, if you’re not, there’s really no point in applying).

Good luck.