Hasta la Vista, Ciao, Au Revoir, Farvel, Zài jiàn and Kwaheri from Intern Micaela

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Our lovely intern Micaela heads back to South Carolina this week, and as a parting gift has written a summary piece about her time at Leith. .

(We promise we didn’t cajole her too much…)


The past few months I have been abroad in Scotland taking three courses and working as an intern at The Leith Agency. My supervisor Claire asked me to write a blog post about my experience as an intern at the agency, so here it goes!

When my study abroad internship coordinator first told me that I would be working at an ad agency for the semester, I felt very excited but also a little nervous. I was nervous because I did not really know much about the world of advertising. I had no idea what to expect or what kinds of things that I would be doing and learning here, but in only about three months time I feel that I have learned so many things and have gotten to do so much!

My nerves were also calmed very quickly because of how kind and helpful the people at the agency are. Everyone has been so welcoming and I feel lucky to have been able to work with and learn from them the past few months. Some of my favorite moments have been having little chats with people about what they are working on and what they do at the agency because there are so many different things that people do and work on here. From setting up photo shoots to running focus groups to doing extensive research to managing the agency’s social media accounts, there is a lot to be done at Leith and everyone seems to always be working on multiple projects at once.

Something that I really enjoyed doing at the agency was getting to see one of the projects called “Happier Mealtimes” for Greener Scotland come to fruition.

Happier Mealtimes 10 pixlr 2

Towards the beginning of my internship, I got to attend a photo shoot in a nearby studio and see the shooting of the photos that would be used for this project. It was so interesting to see how much attention-to-detail the photographer, the Leith employees, and the client representative had in order to make the photos as visually appealing as possible. I love photography and so it was really fun for me to get to be in a photography studio and see how it operates. The photos were taken for a “Happier Mealtimes” calendar that was made and distributed during the Happier Mealtimes Roadshow where a food truck visited 30 locations in about a month’s time and distributed these Scottish foods along with the calendars to passersby.

After going to the photo shoot and seeing the different Scottish foods that would be featured in the Roadshow, I actually got to visit the food truck myself and appear briefly in the video for this campaign. Check it out and see if you can spot me twice in the second half of the video.

Something else that was exciting for me was being given access to the agency’s Instagram account. Instagram is my favorite social media outlet, so I was eager to help out with the agency’s account. In the past few months, the account has definitely been growing and gaining more attention from followers, which is great for the agency and has been fun for me to witness. Feel free to check out and follow the account here.

Micaela Insta

Additionally, through working at Leith and conducting desk research for various projects, I have learned so much about things that I probably never would have learned about otherwise. I like this aspect of researching because it seldom gets boring with everything that’s out there these days!

Furthermore, this internship is definitely very different than any other internship that I have had before. I like that the research I do for projects and clients can be used to help create something. In the past, I have worked in political offices where I spoke to constituents, entered constituent information into a database, attended political events, etc., which was very different than what I’ve been doing at Leith. I definitely enjoy the work that I’ve been doing at Leith a lot because I feel like I am helping to create something when I research a subject and then the information that I have found is used to create a presentation or a brief for a client.

In addition, the agency is located in such a nice area in the beautiful town of Leith in Edinburgh. I love walking around outside near the office, especially when it’s a nice day out. I have never worked in such a pretty area like Leith before, so this has definitely been nice for me as well.

To conclude, I want to talk about my favorite part about working at Leith, which has been getting to know the people that I work with. I always look forward to sitting with my pod and chatting about work or what’s going on in our lives. Whether it’s taking a chocolate break in the afternoon or discussing a project, I am always very glad to get to be around my pod-mates. I am truly going to miss working at Leith and most of all going to miss seeing Claire, Leona, George and Michael each week. I can’t thank them enough for taking me in the past few months and for always making me feel so welcome. They have taught me an immense amount about the industry by explaining various projects to me, taking me to meetings with them, showing me what a brief looks like, and showing me how an ad agency works in general.

Although I am sad to be working my last week here at Leith, I am extremely grateful and lucky that I got this amazing opportunity, and I will definitely never forget this experience or the people that I met along the way!

Thanks to Micaela for all her work her time at Leith. If you are interested in working here for some time then keep checking our site or social pages for openings, internships or our Hot Desk scheme.