Getting To Grips With Groping

Most people agree that unwanted attention can really ruin a night out. And yet, it still goes on. That’s why Drinkaware asked us to bring the issue to light with a digital campaign that would engage young people and fuel discussion.

Working with London-based animation company Thing1, we created an online film that shows how groping turns good times sour, and how we’d all be better off without it.

We followed it up with social posts that celebrated the weird and wonderful things that make a great night out. Whether it’s ‘4am Kebabs’ or ‘Keeping your trainers white’ – young people got involved by tagging mates and discussing the issue in the comments, and through our hashtag: #GropeFreeNights.

#GropeFreeNights Leith Agency
Chips Cheese Curry Sauce Leith #GropeFreeNights Leith Agency
#GropeFreeNights Leith Agency

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