Bringing cancer down to size

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When many people think of cancer, they think of ‘The Big C’. We wanted to change that and put cancer in its place.

Our new design, experiential and partnerships campaign addresses a key reason why many people delay getting symptoms checked or don’t attend screenings – the fear of what they’ll find. Working with The Scottish Government and Cancer Research UK, we’re tackling this fear head-on by telling the positive story of how many people are surviving cancer than ever before, thanks to finding it early. By doing that, we can help turn The Big C into the wee c.

With a national digital hub,, and partnerships with a host of celebrities, health workers and cancer survivors, we kick started a national initiative to help bring cancer down to size.

The wee c is also an umbrella for a series of cancer detention campaigns. The first of these, #GetChecked, encourages people to get symptoms checked early, attend screenings, return self-testing kits and encourage friends and family to do so too. For this, we commissioned a bespoke checked pattern by designer, Rachel McMillan, to be used on all campaign posters, artwork and online. If you look closely you can see that the check is constructed of images of healthy bone scans from cancer survivors.

We’re working with more than 20 key partners ranging from construction to banking to fashion stores, with checks adorning windows in high streets and shopping malls, building sites and bakeries. We are also touring Scotland with our #GetChecked photobooth, giving people the chance to show off their checks and help spread the message of finding cancer early.

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