A brand new Lingo


Lingo24’s challenge was a very familiar one. As a brand grows across different regions and adds new products and services it often becomes difficult to retain a simple, consistent articulation of what the organisation stands for. Any brand guidelines feel compelled to say a lot to cover all the audience’s needs and wants and, as a result, the brand articulation becomes a collage, lacking in focus. And, in crowded and competitive sectors, it can be difficult to find a distinctive position.

Lingo24 approached Leith’s strategy and design hub, Leithal Thinking, to help clarify its purpose, values, positioning and personality. Razor sharp strategic thinking was required to define the essence of the Lingo24 brand and to make it distinctive.

We developed a well-defined brand architecture framework which led to visual guidelines, with every step being highly considered to reflect the core Lingo24 brand. With a heavy dose of human warmth, the final designs effectively brought to life the personality of Lingo24 in a bold, passionate and contemporary way.

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